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It is not art in the professionalized sense about which I care, but that which is created sacredly, as a result of a deep inner experience, with all of oneself, and that becomes 'art' in time.-Alfred Stieglitz


: a static photograph; specifically : a photograph of actors or scenes of a motion picture for publicity or documentary purposes.

* Courtesy of Merriam-Webster

still photographer

: a person who photographs the action (often alongside the camera) to be used in publicizing the movie.

* Courtesy of The Movie Terminology Glossary at The Internet Movie Database.

sound blimp

: a housing for professional 35mm cameras which effectively eliminates the noise created by their operation. Silencing is essential in areas where extraneous noise cannot be tolerated or would prove distracting; i.e., motion picture and television sound stages, theatrical plays, etc.

* Courtesy of Jacobson's Sound Blimp FAQ